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  2. Ezrah

    Updates 09/17/2020

    CONTENT: Total npc kills now give droprate: Every 10k npc kills gives you 5% drop rate. This caps at 100k npc and 50% extra droprate. New system similar to auras but is mainly for damage boost. they have their own slot in equipment tab. Added 10% range,mage and melee damage. These new "arrows" will be dropped from donald. New World Boss Goofy: Goofy is just like any other world boss except he now drops the best in slot droprate pet at 80% droprate. New Groudon Boss: This new groudon boss will drop the same drops as the groudon zone. Although, there will only be 1 of him and will have to compete for drops. Thus making it so you either grind Zone killcount reqs, or try your luck here. Bugs/Minor Changes: Fixed vote claiming Buffed AoE Reworked scratch card rewards Fixed the ::bestgear interface(Strength was displaying mage strength) Made Supreme Blade Aoe Opening barrows boxes now adds the items to ur bank instead of inventory. Donator Store Rework: Added Owner Cape Added Eternal Weapons Added new best box ingame(High Tier Rewards)
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  4. Ezrah

    Release Updates

    Removed lucky one sword from slayer casket Removed scratch cards for now. Abyzou and nex removed from slayer task. Added droprate to afk dragon pet(20%) Added slayer casket to ::loot interface Added 10% Droprate to raids hammer Fixed upgrade announcement Fixed donator point announcement Removed the multi boss mass message as the bosses pretty much stay up every minute. Added a new vote boss that will spawn every 50 votes, it will announce when he is about to spawn. To get there it is ::voteboss. Added a countdown of how many votes are needed in the quest tab. Multi bosses will now drop for a total of 30 players. Added a random chance to receive 200 upgrade crystals while pvming. Added 10% droprate to max cape. Increased the stock of items in donator store from 10 to 100 Changed pos currency from 1q tickets to 1b tickets because players have been confused. Made it so youtube rank can trade and use POS. Removed the gypsy minigame Upgraded collectors necklace now adds the items to their bank. Removed the smilies for now, untill i can get the correct sprites. Removed monster fragment drops. Increased rarity on pet boxes. Infernal Battlestaff attack speed buffed. Added an Eternal Accumulator to pickup arrows/bullets, this is in boss point shop for 500 points. Changed donator point price in vote store. Added donator scroll to vote point shop. Changed deluxe donator yell. Nerfed hp on some beginner-mid bosses. New upgrade interface now has T1-T5 buttons at the top to display and organize gear in whats best. We are now accepting osrs gp as donations. Removed Afk Chest, Added afk tickets with an afk store. Rocnars shop is now the afk store God Void and elite void has been buffed. New immortal raids, run south and speak to the immortal raid npc, click him to create a team and set a password, right click him to join a team with the password. This raid gives end game weapons and deluxe rank. You need 5k npc kills and 99 slayer to attend this. Supreme raids have been buffed in rewards Legendary donator + now has the option to do ::task to get a task or reset a task etc without going to the npc. Upgrade tiers now have killcount requirements to access them. Added the ability to add 1Q Tickets to the money pouch, could not do both 1b and 1q. Added vote scroll to vote shop. Added 1 click clue scrolls with rewards. Added random dragonkin lamp drops from all npcs. Thus being able to use lamps to help max faster and on skills that are slower Added donator point ticket to boss point store for 1k points ea. Added well to middle of home bank for players to donate to for perks.
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